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Your Car Tint Experts in Salinas CA

Many tint types and options are available for your car or truck. Tinting can be done for various reasons to include:

– Protect the interior of your car from UV rays

– Reduce glare coming through your windows

– Reduce heat coming into your car in the summer

– Increase privacy inside your car or truck with different tint levels and limo privacy tint.

Having tinted windows in your car or truck provides you with privacy. Tinted windows also improves your vision because they can block out the sun. When you want to have the best possible results for your window tinting needs, make sure you call the Salinas Window Tinting tint pros.

We are ready to get to work for you, and the high-quality results are going to come at the most affordable prices in town. If you’re looking for quality window tinting in Salinas at a best price, you’ve come to the right company.

We believe in doing the job right the first time and making sure our customers have a great experience from the first phone call until the time they pull out of our shop. Please feel free to call us for a free estimate. We look forward to your business.


Tint Types

Many Car Tint Types and Tint Options Available

Window tinting is a process of applying a thin, transparent layer of film to the surface of a window. This film can be made from vinyl plastic or polyester.

Our tint reduces the amount of heat that enters or leaves through the window and also provides protection against UV rays. It can also help reduce glare and improve privacy inside a home or office. Our tint shop in Salinas in here for all your window tinting needs.

Keep your car cool in the summer with our limo tint film.

California Tint Laws

What is the Legal Window Tint Limit in Salinas, Ca?

Window tinting legal obligations can be difficult to follow when you are attempting to do window tinting on your own. Instead of messing with the law though, simply turn to our team of experts. We know California window tinting laws better than anyone else.

We are able to provide extensive insights and advice about a wide range of window tinting, including window tinting 5, window tinting 20, and even window tinting 50 or even window tinting 70 percent.

When it comes to window tinting laws in California, you are not going to be able to find a better resource than us. The window tinting levels that we do for you are always going to be appropriately and properly aligned with the legislative rules put in place.

In some cases, if you do not follow the legal tint limit laws, you may have to get your tint shop to do a tint removal on your vehicle. If you qauilify, some people may apply for a legal window tint exemption through California DMV.

Window Tinting Near Me

Car Tinting Near Me

If you need window tinting in Salinas, Gonzales, Greenfield, Soledad or King City submit your information for a competitive vehicle window  tinting estimate.

We are ready to answer all of your window tinting and heat resistant film questions. We will provide you with the best possible insights and knowledge about your car tinting. We know you are going to be highly satisfied with our tint results.

Moreover, if you want window tinting at affordable prices, look no further than our friendly and caring team of professionals.

Car and Truck Tint Shop

Best Car and Truck Tint Shop in Salinas, CA

Your number one car and truck tint shop in Salinas Ca. We are your experts in the window tinting industry and consider our tint shop the best for auto tinting around Salinas.

Feel free to call or submit an online car tinting quote. We will provide you with a fair tint price for your vehicle tint job.

We look foward to providing you with a professional window tinting job and the best customer service in Salinas, Ca.


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