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Our car and truck tinting services are well known throughout the region, and the team here at Salinas Window Tinting has been able to refine our services to be able to get you the best possible outcomes that you could hope for. Out of all of the different options that you could have for window tinting services, we know that you are going to be highly impressed and satisfied that we are going to be able to provide you with. No matter how old your car or truck is we are going to be able to get the tint job properly taken care of for you.

Car Type

The automotive window tint that you want done can be provided by our professionals here at Salinas Window Tinting. We provide premium window tinting auto services that are going to be sure to provide you with the outcomes that you have been hoping for. We also offer the most reliable window tinting cheap services, so you are going to get the best outcomes at the best prices. No matter what type of car that you have, we are going to be able to handle the work, we are going to be able to have the type of vehicle properly taken care of in seemingly no time at all.


There are many different responsibilities that you need to take care of when you are driving. The most important thing that you need to do when you are driving is to stay safe. One way that you are able to optimize your safety is by having the windows on your vehicle tinted. When the sun is shining and it is too bright, your vision can be obstructed. It is important to have window tinting. However, our team is going to be able to minimize that obstruction for you by providing you with window tinting services. There is no better solution for the sun that is shining brightly into your eyes.


One thing that is great about automotive window tinting is that it changes the appearance of your vehicle. The team here at Salinas Window Tinting is going to be able to provide you with the services that you have been hoping for and at the price that you want. When we are through tinting your car’s windows, you are going to be highly impressed and satisfied with the appearance of your car. This is also going to provide you with more privacy, which can be especially important if you have children or other vulnerable passengers in your car.

Window Tinting Near Me

If you drive past our window tint shop salinas, and if you decide right then and there that you want to have your windows tinted, you are going to be able to drop-in and have a window tinting appointment right away. Our team is ready to meet your needs whenever you want them met. This means that our drop-in services are going to be done in an effective and efficient way. You are going to be able to be back on the road in no time at all. Your car will look great and your family will be better protected from the sun.

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